you have arrived


it was one of the hottest days in the valley when i took an extended lunch to go to an interview in van nuys. working as an editor at an uninspiring post production house was wearing on me, and i was ready for a significant change in my career. a pay-cutting change, even. i drove my air-conditionless honda crv down the miserable, pothole laden streets of van nuys with all my windows down, trying desperately to avoid showing up in a sweat-drenched blouse (this was apparently an invitation for a man in a wife beater with neck tattoos to holler at me through my open windows). i slowly drove down a road lined with industrial buildings, perplexed at where my gps was leading me. i’m interviewing for a tv show. what am i doing out here? i didn’t even know what i was looking for.

at the end of the road i saw a dead end. you have arrived, siri told me. i scanned the sides of the cul-de-sac and there it was. dunder friggin mifflin. i flipped my lid. i knew i was interviewing for the office, but i didn’t know it was going to be AT THE OFFICE. there i met the man who would not yet, but one day, be my boss and friend.

that was three years ago. since then he’s had the “privilege” (his word) of not hiring me, hiring me, firing me, and then hiring me again. last monday i started as a post supervisor on our latest project. i drove my air-conditioned toyota prius c down the miserable, pothole laden streets of sun valley into a road lined with industrial buildings. at the end of the road was a new chapter. you have arrived.


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